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Proven and Preferred

Build guest loyalty with Sealy

People travel for a variety of reasons. They might do different things during the day; but in the end they all want a good night’s sleep, and they’ll book a hotel where they’re sure to get it.

Studies show that people prefer a room with a Sealy bed. They’ll even pay more for it. Even if something goes wrong during their stay, sleeping on a Sealy bed will leave them feeling satisfied with your property.

That’s because people know that Sealy takes sleep as seriously as they do. Sealy beds are orthopedically designed and proven to provide full-body support, eliminating the pressure points that cause tossing and turning.

That’s why Sealy is the world’s number one bed manufacturer - and that’s why your guests will get a better night’s sleep on a Sealy bed. Room by room, anywhere in the world, your guests will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day entails, and they’ll remember that feeling the next time they travel.

They’ll always stay with you when they know you’ll take care of their rest. When they get better sleep, you get better business.

Better Sleep. Better Business

Fill more rooms and get greater returns

Sealy is the leading global brand of hospitality bedding - with industry penetration rates of 52 percent in the United States and 40 percent internationally. We work with every major hotel chain across the segment spectrum, helping hoteliers increase guest satisfaction, loyalty and overall profitability.

Product Quality

Quality of sleep is a primary factor influencing how your guests feel about their stay. Even if other amenities fall short of expectations in some way, a Sealy bed can make all the difference in your guest satisfaction ratings.

That’s because Sealy beds are designed to provide exceptional comfort and support, leaving your guests feeling rejuvenated.

Consistent Satisfaction

All Sealy facilities use the same manufacturing process and quality controls, ensuring that each bed provides the same great sleep experience. We have plants and distribution throughout the world and are therefore able to fulfil orders promptly for properties around the globe. Whether you have locations in New York City, London, Tokyo or beyond, your guests will always get the same great night’s sleep on a Sealy bed anywhere in the world.

Durable Construction

Sealy beds are engineered and constructed to endure high-traffic hospitality environments, providing a great sleep experience every night for years.

Quality at Every Price Point

Sealy offers beds for every price point in the hospitality segment spectrum - and delivers higher value for the investment. When comparing a Sealy bed to another brand of bed at the same price, the Sealy bed demonstrates superior quality, fewer defects and greater durability.

Mattress Close Up

Why choose Sealy as a Contract Partner

Cruise Liner

We are the biggest bed manufacturer in the world, no other bed company can draw on resources, learning and experience from the largest international hotel chains, to nursing homes, cruise ships and local guest houses.

Many people know and trust Sealy for making some of the best sleeping solutions in the UK, but what they may not know is just how big the business is worldwide.

Sealy operate in over 50 countries and have offices and factories in North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia and mainland Europe. Indeed, as the biggest bed manufacturer in the world, Sealy sell a bed somewhere on the globe every three seconds.

Because of our scale, we can call on technical developments from around the world and bring the very latest sleeping solutions to our customers here in the UK. Beds and mattresses by Sealy not only ensure a really good night's sleep, but leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Sealy make mattresses which are bespoke for the Hospitality sector. That means that they are built to last and are capable of years of trouble free useage for your guests, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Our contract mattresses are all 'Crib 5' compliant for fire retardancy...Indeed if the mattresses that you currently have are not 'Crib 5' compliant , the chances are that you will not be covered by your insurance company in the event of fire. Our mattresses are all treated with Bug Shield to help eradicate Bed Bugs.

We also have a dedicated team to sell into and support the Hospitality sector. People who know your business and are on hand to help. That's why more and more businesses, including the likes of Center Parcs, De Vere Village Hotels and Cunard's prestigious luxury liner the Queen Elizabeth, all choose Sealy as their preferred supplier.

Cruise holidays are now proving to be one of the few growth industries within the travel sector. As cruise companies begin to refurbish their fleets on a more regular basis and build bigger and better ships, the demand for improved facilities in all areas has never been more prevalent Sealy have achieved full accreditation for the production of mattresses that comply with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU (as amended) and are working closely with a number of cruise operators to deliver an exceptional sleep experience whilst on board.

Add a Splash of Colour

We can now offer our divans in a range of four beautiful upholstery fabrics chosen to complement a wide range of colour schemes.

You take time and trouble to design your guest rooms to be comfortable, inviting and often beautiful spaces where guests can relax in style, so why not co-ordinate your Silentnight Group divan to match?


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