Body Balancing Technology

Exclusive to Bensons for Beds, we have introduced Body Balancing Technology - a unique combination of the latest patented textile technologies, which offers a solution to all 4 of the major issues preventing a good night's sleep.

INTENSE - Static Release

Not a minute goes by where the majority of us are not using a smart phone, tablet or computer. As such, our bodies build up static energy throughout the day and if not released it can put unnecessary stress on the body - thus disturbing our sleep. By using ultra fine carbon fibres in the yarn, Intense releases this static build-up into the air providing a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

TENCEL - Moisture Control

Temperature and moisture control is key to getting a restful nights sleep. We naturally lose moisture as we slumber, but by incorporating Tencel fibres into the yarns we ensure the sleeping area is kept dry. Plus, Tencel is naturally cooling and inhibits bacteria growth for a healthier mattress - all benefitting your sleep.

ADAPTIVE - Temperature Regulating

Overheating is one of the main culprits of sleep disturbance, so it is important that we maintain an even temperature whilst we sleep. Adaptive technology assists the body in sustaining the optimum temperature throughout the night, storing and releasing body heat as you need it - very clever we know.

PUROTEX - Anti Allergy

With many of us suffering from allergies, Purotex is the ideal solution - especially for those sensitive to house dust mites. 100% natural probiotics are applied to the yarn, absorbing moisture. This inhibits the growth of nould and fungi, making the mattress dry and hypoallergenic. Endorsed by Allergy UK for the elimination of house dust mites.