Zoe Gillings-Brier

Zoe Gillings

About Zoe

Zoe is a professional snowboarding champion with an impressive career spanning 10 years. She has competed in snowboard cross events around the world, with seven World Cup Podiums, including Gold, under her belt. Zoe is also a multi-European Cup, FIS and National Cross Boarding Champion and has competed in three Olympic Games.

Zoe's training regime

Training intensively throughout the summer, Zoe spends three hours in the gym five days a week. She needs a minimum of 9.5 hours of sleep per night in order to be fully recharged and prepared for her extreme training schedule.

Zoe Gillings2

Battling injury

Snowboard cross events involve four to six snowboarders racing down a narrow course which often includes sharp turns, jumps and other obstacles, challenging the riders’ ability to stay in control while maintaining maximum speed. It’s not uncommon for racers to collide midway through the course and due to the dangerous nature of the sport, Zoe is no stranger to injury. In the past five years she has suffered from a cracked skull, four concussions, a shattered left foot and several back injuries.

Zoe Gillings3

A restless sleeper

Zoe says her back injuries were some of the most difficult to recover from because even the smallest movement caused her pain. This made it incredibly difficult for her to sleep. Having always been a self-described restless sleeper, Zoe often found herself tossing and turning in the night – sometimes even falling off her bed.

She decided to seek relief from her injury pain and restless sleep in the form of a new bed. During her search, Zoe tried a variety of options – and then she came across Sealy. This was five years ago and Zoe has been a loyal customer ever since.

Why Sealy?

When shopping for a new bed she was looking for three things: quality, comfort and support. Sealy beds ticked all her boxes. After making the switch, Zoe found a significant improvement in her injury recovery time. So much so that she has recommended Sealy beds to all of her friends suffering from injury. She also found that Sealy’s exclusive edge guard provided her with an extra level of support and stopped her rolling which meant a much more comfortable sleeping experience.

Zoe Gillings4

Zoe’s words

Zoe said, “I’ve trained and competed around the world for the past 10 years so I’ve slept in a lot of beds, but my Sealy bed is by far the best I’ve ever slept in. Making sure I get a good night’s sleep is vital for my Olympic training programme and the last five years of sleeping on a Sealy has ensured that I am at peak performance.”

World of Sport

Zoe is not only one of the faces of Sealy’s World of Sport campaign, but she also launched the Sealy Bed Selector mobile app at the Telford Bed Show in September. Understanding the need to regularly replace her mattress (around every 7-8 years), Zoe used the app to select her new Naverro 1400. This new bed will play a major role in ensuring Zoe gets the right amount of deep sleep each night – supporting her to be at the very top of her game in the run up to the next winter Olympics.