Sealy mattresses are designed with the Orthopedic Advisory Board

Orthopedic Logo

Sealy have actively collaborated with the Orthopedic Advisory Board (OAB) since 2006. Not everyone who works on our mattresses are mattress experts, some are respected doctors, talented surgeons and extraordinary clinicians- it’s what we call the Orthopedic Advisory Board and it's exclusive to our brand here at Sealy UK.

The entrusted members of the OAB are carefully selected and can be involved from concept to final product. This exclusive partnership ensures that Sealy UK are able to design mattresses that provide maximum support without compromising on pressure relief and comfort.  

Sealy continue to embrace their orthopedic heritage with the development of all new Posturepedic technology. In 2017, Sealy relaunched the much loved Posturepedic collection with the OAB’s seal of approval.