Pocket Ortho

When two award-winning collections come together you get the Pocket Ortho range, providing all the support of our orthopaedically-correct designs, with the luxurious sleeping experience of a pocket sprung bed.


The Pocket Ortho Collection is a fusion of our award winning Pocket and Ortho collections, offering the pressure-relief that comes with an orthopaedically-correct design, and the sumptuous comfort of a supportive pocket-sprung system.

Each Pocket Ortho mattress features 1400 weight and motion sensitive pocket springs that provide tailored spinal alignment and greater zonal support in the areas where you need it most. The result? A truly blissful night’s sleep for even the most restless of sleepers and their partners.

Then there comes Geltex – a revolution in sleeping science. This patented gel infused foam has an open cell structure that improves breathability and helps maintain body temperature to prevent overheating. It also helps to distribute your weight, which in turn relieves pressure points and nurses aches and pains.

Every model in the range features Unirail, which is a high-density polyethylene that surrounds and holds the pocket springs in place to offer edge-to-edge support across the mattress.

A refreshing night’s sleep is then guaranteed with Sealy Smart Fibres that come with Allergy UK’s seal of approval. Allergens are reduced and breathability is improved to help you get to sleep soundly every night.

Listed spring counts are based on a king size spring unit (measuring 5ft x 6ft 6in /150cm x 200cm). The number of springs will alter on a pro-rata basis dependent on mattress size and spring unit surface area.


Sealy Geltex

Zonal Support System

Smart Fibres

Allergy UK Endorsement

Innergetic Latex

Sealy Memory Foam

Sealy Adaptive

Tencel Fibres