Sealy and the National Bed Federation

The National Bed Federation is the recognised trade association representing UK manufacturers of beds and mattresses and their suppliers. Whatever your interest in the UK bed market – whether you are an existing member, a potential member, a consumer, a bed retailer or specifier, or have some other interest in our industry – we hope you find what you are looking for here. If not, please contact us direct with your query and if we can, we’ll answer it.

At Sealy our main priority is to develop quality products with customer safety paramount when manufacturing our products.

Our aim is to give all our customers a great night's sleep with total peace of mind in the knowledge that all our beds and mattresses are manufactured to the highest UK safety standards.

All our products are tested at our sister company, Silentnight in their laboratory at their Barnoldswick factory.

As a member of the NBF we are committed to ensure all our beds and mattresses meet the strict UK quality and flammability regulations. Flammability regulations in the UK are different to those for the rest of Europe.

As the UK's largest manufacturer of beds and mattresses, Steve Freeman, Managing Director of both Sealy and the Silentnight Group, was asked to feature in the BBC ‘Fake Britain’ programme to share his knowledge about the importance of product safety for the great British public.

A simple guide to the Sealy mattress

As a manufacture we want to make sure that you are purhcasing a 100% genuine Sealy product and these are some the features that you should be looking for.

NBF Sealy Mattress

1. Resistant label2. Sealy product label3. Branded material & manufacturing labels
 Resistant Label  Product Label  Branded
 Genuine Sealy products should have the relevant flammability labels. All purchases of Sealy mattresses for domestic use should hold a legitimate BS7177 label, Sealy have their own part codes for these but the labels are industry standard.  Genuine Sealy mattresses will also hold Sealy product labels. These labels are a guide to best describe the key functions and benefits of the mattress. The labels are colour coded based on the collection that the mattress can be found.  Sealy mattresses use high quality branded material to cover their mattresses. Manufacturing labels applied to products should have a batch identification, and date of manufacture.


Guidelines that Sealy work to with the NBF

NBF Flammability Enforcement Policy

At the NBF, we take compliance with the UK flammability regulations and standards very seriously. All members must sign a declaration each year to confirm that they are complying with the requirements for the UK.

All NBF bed manufacturing members were audited independently during the summer months of 2013. The auditing was undertaken on behalf of the NBF by BM Trada the parent company of FIRA. These audits specifically examined the following areas:

  • Correct use of new hygienic fillings in all new beds.
  • Evidence to support fillings are tested for cleanliness to BS1425 where relevant.
  • Responsible and proper recycling of returned / used beds.
  • Accurate product descriptions and claims made on products or websites, for example spring count claims for mattress units. This is a Trade Description Act requirement.
  • Flammability compliance of all products manufactured and systems in place to conduct routine testing as per mandatory requirements.

N.B. The NBF is not and does not intend to take over any role as an official enforcement agent of the UK flammability regulations. However it does want to take a pro-active role in its policing and to encourage its members also to take a pro-active role in its policing. It is only through such co-operation that we can ensure that all companies comply with the legal requirements, that the public is not put at risk from the sale of unsafe products and that companies who take a lot of time and effort to ensure 100% compliance are not disadvantaged by those less scrupulous.